Saturday, April 27, 2019

The Power of Awareness

While majoring in Health Education at Linfield College one of the key factors that we were taught is that diseases are chronic because healthy lifestyles weren't practiced in a person's life. For example unhealthy eating, stressful lives, and unhealthy relationships. I've found this to be true for both Health and Finances. Here in America, especially where I live in California its good to be aware of how easy it is to be sold consumer goods and services. Fast food corporations, rising gas, designer wear, and inflation in its self are all factors we must be attuned to.

What I've picked up from our capitalist society is that we're a program by our culture, what others have and well-paid marketers to want new and flashy objects. Most of these objects can be obtained through credit cards or loans. They offer us quick fix self-gratification, with lingering financial devastation. We are always being sold something, so we're bound to spend, spend, spend. Those who are willing to delay their gratifications and save, save, save will have the power to decide what their future holds. The borrower in any form is a slave to the lender. No one lends anything without any terms of conditions and if they do it's only for a limited time until they add some form of interest. 

I've been keeping track of every little thing that I pay for, chips, groceries, and even 7/11 drinks on a hot day. It's tedious but it's become a habit of mine. One that I plan on keeping regardless of how much I gross. John D. Rockefeller made his children do the same (Huge wealth tip). In the end its the little habits that make the difference in the long run. Remember the principle in the COmpound Effect from my earlier blog titled "Compound Effect". Jim Rohn said, "What is easy to do, is also easy not to do". So know what to do and get it done. Keep in mind banks, creditors are all making money off of people spending and buying. Produce and Save!!