Monday, February 4, 2019

Be a Vicarious learner

Have you ever wondered why some folk seems to always have good luck or it just seems like they have the Midas Touch? The truth is, very few people have paid the price to manufacture good luck. They accomplish this through their habits. I've learned this secret from coaches and even Warren Buffet himself said, "See if you can develop the habits" when asked about his success and his view on how one could achieve a prosperous life.

I've observed an elder gentleman who was by all respects a multimillionaire read a book instead of traditional vacationing. He owned the place we were staying as well as many others, yet his habit of reading subsided over his desire to watch t.v. or listen to the latest greatest audio hits. I thought to myself, "Wow you don't see that every day". I've personally never been the type of person to not take advantage of soaking up some sun or catching up on the sports center. After picking up on some of these Wealth habits I began to connect the dots. After reading countless books and listening to hundreds of audio programs it dawned on me the reason he was successful.

Wealth Habit #1: Be Aware of why those who have objects of value (assets) and rationalize the decisions they make that produce them their luxuries in life. Many times was stuck on the luxuries and we never dive into the most fascinating part which is the process. If we study their process we can produce staggering results for ourselves too. This method will only work if we pay attention and be willing to pay the price ourselves. Only then can an individual cultivate his mind to see opportunities and have the desire to take advantage of them.

Back in High School, my Freshman high school coach's favorite saying was for us his players to be 'Vicarious Learners'. He never accepted his players to make the same mistake as the past players have made in the same practice setting. His simple saying holds a great deal of value, in sports, life, and business.

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