Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Compound Effect

One of my favorite self-development books that I've read is "The Compound Effect" by Darren Hardy. In this book, Mr. Hardy displays the importance of seamlessly everyday habits amounting to the big successes in life or in many cases a less favorable set of circumstances. Many of the well-known names today, folks who are Billionaires or Millionaires have stories and circumstances that will explain their success. Take Billionaire Elon Musk, many people know him as the Tesla owner and the guy who has ambitions to start a colony out of space. Many people do not know that Elon moved from Africa to the United States alone. While starting his first company he and his brother would work over 100 hour weeks. He knew that success was a numbers game. In his mind, if he was putting in 100 hours into getting better at his craft, while his competition only put in 40 hours a week success would be well within his reach. Elon's dedication led him and his brother to sleep in office space while showering at the local community center. Sometimes success requires people to become uncomfortable. Elon now has a net worth of 22 billion from the compounding of developing his skills and becoming a market innovator in his space.

In my personal experience playing football for the most winningest college football team. I can attest to the importance of beating the competition by simply being better prepared. Many times in life resources, prizes, and notoriety goes to the person who has prepared themselves. In the case of our football team, the preparation done for practice and after practice during film prepared us for an easy game on Saturdays against our opponent.

The challenge for us who are just beginning to develop our wealthy mindset is to identify what we can adjust in our everyday lives that are counterproductive to our goal. Identifying these traits that we all have and changing them with habits that promote our well being, mental toughness, and network are all action steps that those who are in an abundance of possession do. It is important to always be grateful for whatever you have in life. Being negative is a poor person's mindset and habit. If we want to increase our chances of being wealthy we'll have to be able to see opportunity and the best way to do that is through a positive lens.


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