Sunday, September 29, 2019

Paying The Price

Karma and good luck all lean in favor toward the person who doesn't mind going the extra mile for their passion. Those who are willing to master their craft, work on their language and provide a win-win service for others will find themselves winning at life.

 In my experience personally, paying the price began with reading and finishing books that caught my interest. Books such as The Millionaire Mind, David and Goliath and Rich Dad Poor Dad all served a purpose for my success. Finishing these books were me Paying the Price! Reading has become so much of a habit that I read 30-50 books a year! Both self-development and autobiographies offer their readers lessons that can be used as inspiration.

Sam Walton's 'Made In America', taught me that a business can win customers over by operating off of the scale and profiting from smaller margins. From reading Sam's story this has taught me how to scale up my business. Knocking out competitors who hadn't anticipated a competitor who is willing to operate with smaller margins. 

Studying is a must if you hope to be an industry leader in your field. A small price to pay for freedom, respect and a knowledge base that can transferrable in any business.

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