Sunday, December 15, 2019

Personal Paradigms

Through my own life experiences I've come to realize that a person's Paradigm has everything to do with the outcome of their future. Lets first gain an understanding of what a paradigm is. A person's paradigm is the lense that they see the world through.

 Imagine if my name was Sam. I've been condition to believe that everyone with big ears were mean, greedy and decieving people. Not only do people that fit this description standout to you now because our Reticular activating system will spot them and place the appropriate stigma on them. In effect as soon as Sam see's someone with big ears, my engery towards them shifts to a state of defense. Maybe, I'm insecure of expressing myself, so I speak less or maybe I speak with a lower tone or in a way that isn't true to my nature. Many times we don't even notice it or better yet we hope the other person doesn't notice it. The truth is everyone notices and feels your energy when encountering you. This alone could be the difference between securing a job, a crush or even key friendships. 

Having Paradigms aren't a bad deal. Collective Paradigms can form traditions and they protect us from harm by having a foundational processes that weeds out people or situations we would rather not encounter. But if were looking to grow we cannot sustain the same paradigms that we currently hold. This reminds me of the Benjamin Franklin Quote "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them". 

The only way to change our thinking patterns is to understand different perspectives. We should strive to get to the point that we are decisive in our decison, yet always open to the fact that we could be wrong without personally getting upset at the others person opinion. Successful people appreciate great ideas even if they aren't their own. Being open to the best ideas not only make your experience better but also gives the world a chance to be a better evolving place. A diverse Perspective could be one of the most valuable assets to have in this ever evolving world. 

One book I highly recommend is the Untethered Soul, by Michael A. Singer.

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