Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Fear is Fuel

Fear, that ol' feeling that gives butterflies and causes you to sweat profusely. I'm looking to overcome, conqueror, or better yet use fear as an indicator to better my life. Fear comes from survival mechanisms that we were born with. Today our chances of being eaten by a predator as compared to when we were being preyed upon are much less likely to happen. Today we live in a safer environment, and Fear can be counterproductive to our goals. Yet, we still get nervous when we meet new people when there's a new adventure that awaits us or not knowing what the future holds for us. Fear as I come to realize maybe the most important thing to conquer in one's life. The Buddha says 'all of life is suffering", most people are causing their own internal suffering due to external influences that they cannot control.

I'm looking to use Fear as Fuel as indicated in the book written by Patrick Sweeney. Fear often points out the things which we need to take action towards. I've been putting off making a tough visit for about a week now. Not sure of what the outcome will be or if there will be danger being associated with it. Guess what, my body is telling me I need to handle that situation now or simply forget about it. I'm going to change my association with FEAR, I will turn it into arousal. Once fear is transformed from something that is associated with not knowingness or pain it can be used as an indicator for EXCITEMENT. 

It's a new life, a bold one that awaits you and I if we cultivate courage, love, and proper context. The only thoughts we produce should be that of action, solving what needs to solve, and planning what needs to be planned. If we leave it to our mind to solve it will result in saving us energy and protecting us from harm. The main problem with this solution is that it can cause us to lose sleep, stopping our immune system from recovering which weakens our defense to fight viruses or be at our best to provide value.

I've always respected those who've cultivated fearlessness, I think it's time to transcend to a human being who is just 'being'. 

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